SEO Copywriting - tips and secrets

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SEO Copywriting is the actually writing of articles or other text, in order to attract the attention of search engines and to get your site ranked as high in their results as possible. This is not an easy task, especially after Google released their personal search. This almost turned the basic rules for writing optimized articles upside down. Nowadays it's … read more

Web site usability recommendations

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The ultimate goal for every website design is to make is as usable to users as possible. From a business perspective better usability means more visitors, more customers, more sales. Let us share with you some basic principles of usability, which are good to keep in mind when you develop a website. Put important design elements where the user expects them … read more

Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization or SEO is a very important part of any website. Through various SEO techniques we will help your website appear on higher search positions in search engine results. How do we optimize our sites? Our team is specialized in long-term optimization for Google , but the techniques we use help your site rank high in other search engines … read more

The art of web design

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While design is the art to blend individual elements (lines, shapes, textures, colors and others) in impressive synchronicity, the art of web design is to create one or multiple web pages. A website should be as good-looking, as it is functional and comfortable for your visitors. They should be able to navigate easily through your products. Web … read more

First things first...

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Welcome to our new website and first blog post! We are a fast growing technology managed services company with a passion for web and mobile, very highly-skilled expertise and programming talent, and fresh ideas. We are based in the beautiful Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia, right between the two bustling tech regions of New York and Washington D.C. Our strength is our efficiency … read more

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The Pennsylvania Film Industry Association (PaFIA), is a non-profit organization with a mission …


The 86 Percent Visual Advantage is a program for effective non-verbal communication in …

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The baseklas™ team delivers! I asked them to update my existing website & to the rescue they came, staying in constant contact with me, walking me through every question ... They were very patient with all my ideas... The feature where clients put their phone number in & I get an instant text is superior for my small business! ... Thank you guys! img

Anthony Guerrera, Owner of 02 Skin Care Lounge