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What is a content management system and do you need one?

Content Management System (CMS) is software that owners use to manage the content of their web sites. Some of these systems are very complex and expensive, while some of them are easy to use and very affordable (even free).

Generally speaking, content management is a process that allows people to create and update content on their sites more easily. Does your company need a CMS? Now we will look at what options are.

The first step in determining whether you really need a CMS, is to note the size of your site and how often you update. Basically, if you have a site with static content, you probably will not need a CMS. At the same time, if your site consists of content-rich pages and categories that are updated daily or weekly, then a content management system will greatly facilitate your work.

Which CMS is best for your website?

Once you have decided to use a content management system, now let's look at a few factors that will help you opt for the most appropriate choice.

You should consider the number of people who will work on your site. Most CMS have built-in versioning system. This means that it keeps the record of all changes made to the pages. So, if a page was changed, which should not be done, the system will allow you to return to a previous version of that page. Versioning system also records information about who made certain changes to the pages. If you have many people involved in the update process, perhaps the use of a content management system  will help accounting of who and when published and edited the data. However, if you don't have a lot of editors you may not need such functionality.

Another factor that must be taken into account is whether the layout is complicated and how similar to or different from one another the pages are. If all pages use a similar layout, then a content management system can be implemented more easily. Otherwise, it can be a laborious task, as you will need to create many different templates. Some systems allow this to be done easily, while others - not so much.

When you consider potential options, pay attention to whether a content management system is optimized for search engines or not. Your CMS should enable you to easily optimize your site. You must ensure that the system includes all areas in your template you need to be able to easily enter and edit meta tags. This can be problematic if you use the same template for all pages. Make sure that the pages contain the Title, Description and Keyword tags and the person who edits the content of the pages adds the correct tags.

We recommend you invest a little time and carefully examine both the needs of your site to determine the goals you want to achieve with it and the capabilities and functionalities of different content management systems to choose the best variant.

baseklas™ offers customization and development for some of the most popular content management systems and e-commerce solutions:

- Wordpress
- Joomla
- CMS Made Simple
- OpenCart
- etc.


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