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Affordable website maintenance and support in Philadelphia and the Philly area Contact baseklas™ for a free quote! If your website is live on the Internet, you have to update it regularly. In some cases, you will need to make changes in design and content such as publishing additional text, changing the old images, or adding new ones, etc. … read more

Reliable hosting - the key factor for a successful business web presence

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Under the current market conditions, having a reliable hosting partner is the key factor in establishing your business online. You may choose a free hosting provider for a start to save some monthly expenses. This may seem like a good option but are these services actually free? What is free hosting? There are many hosting providers that provide space on their servers … read more

Why do I need support, if my site has an administrative panel built-in?

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The main advantage of using our website support service is that the team that designed your site will continously take care of it and update its content. This dramatically reduces the risk of increasing the styles on your pages layout, photographs will be always optimal in dimensions and files sizes and will look natural on your site. None of your employees … read more

Our Projects

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Marlene's Dress Shop is an established formal wear and prom dress shop in …


Shared with friends, given as a gift, or a tasteful hobby to develop …

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The baseklas™ team delivers! I asked them to update my existing website & to the rescue they came, staying in constant contact with me, walking me through every question ... They were very patient with all my ideas... The feature where clients put their phone number in & I get an instant text is superior for my small business! ... Thank you guys! img

Anthony Guerrera, Owner of 02 Skin Care Lounge