Reliable hosting - the key factor for a successful business web presence

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Under the current market conditions, having a reliable hosting partner is the key factor in establishing your business online. You may choose a free hosting provider for a start to save some monthly expenses. This may seem like a good option but are these services actually free? What is free hosting? There are many hosting providers that provide space on their servers … read more

Why do I need support, if my site has an administrative panel built-in?

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The main advantage of using our website support service is that the team that designed your site will continously take care of it and update its content. This dramatically reduces the risk of increasing the styles on your pages layout, photographs will be always optimal in dimensions and files sizes and will look natural on your site. None of your employees … read more

How to increase your Internet sales

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Nowadays sites do not have to be just beautiful and convenient. What's the reason to invest in such a site if your daily visitors won't count more than 5-6? Your website needs promotion, optimization, higher ranking in search engines as well. And if you think about the daily growth of Internet users, the amount of new customers can exceed your wildest expectations. baseklas™ provides … read more

Chiropractic Treatment & Manual Therapy

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Chiropractic treatment is an alternative way to treat problems with the spine and joints. The name comes from the Greek word "chiro", which means "hand", and "praktikos", which means "practical",i.e. "done by hand". Manual therapy in its various forms has existed since ancient times, and was performed to soldiers before important battles. During a Chiropractic treatment the therapist treats you by repositioning, … read more

Web design and development in Philadelphia and the Philly area

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Do you need recognition in the vast Internet space? In baseklas™ Philadelphia we create websites that customers not only find easily but remember! From a static website to an e-commerce system - your web project will be developed with special attention, precision and passion. In addition to the individual design and the proper selection of features, our main goals are: to … read more

Do I need a web blog for my small business web site?

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Simply, a blog is a web log. It may exist as a separate site or part of a website. Small business blog is a great tool because it allows you to promote your business in an affordable way. It allows businesses to engage in communication with people and have a say in a loud voice. Interactivity, communication, cooperation are key … read more

Wordpress website development

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For almost 10 years since Wordpress was first conceived as a blogging system it underwent tremendous development and is now the most flexible and easy to use content management system. Even more - Google simply loves Wordpress ! Yes, it sounds strange but it is true! Comparing the four types of sites - static, dynamic (with another CMS platform), dynamic … read more

SEO Copywriting - tips and secrets

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SEO Copywriting is the actually writing of articles or other text, in order to attract the attention of search engines and to get your site ranked as high in their results as possible. This is not an easy task, especially after Google released their personal search. This almost turned the basic rules for writing optimized articles upside down. Nowadays it's … read more

Web site usability recommendations

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The ultimate goal for every website design is to make is as usable to users as possible. From a business perspective better usability means more visitors, more customers, more sales. Let us share with you some basic principles of usability, which are good to keep in mind when you develop a website. Put important design elements where the user expects them … read more

Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization or SEO is a very important part of any website. Through various SEO techniques we will help your website appear on higher search positions in search engine results. How do we optimize our sites? Our team is specialized in long-term optimization for Google , but the techniques we use help your site rank high in other search engines … read more

The art of web design

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While design is the art to blend individual elements (lines, shapes, textures, colors and others) in impressive synchronicity, the art of web design is to create one or multiple web pages. A website should be as good-looking, as it is functional and comfortable for your visitors. They should be able to navigate easily through your products. Web … read more

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Insight Financial Services is a financial advisory firm that hired us to build …


Wolfline is an online sports betting service that hired us only for integrating their …

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I just got done showing the site/system to the client. Overall, he is thrilled with the functionality… best review we've had! img

Rich Angermiller, Founder of Dragonfly Interactive