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Internet is growing fast. Thousands of Web sites around the world are launched every hour. Web design companies occupy search engines. But the massive growth of web naturally leads to a production, which is often not of sufficient quality.

What is the most important quality you need to possess to make your web site or your web services take a noticeable place in the Internet ocean? That would be your desire for competition and competitiveness.

During your development and work experience, reassess your work, abilities and resources. Can you create something better and more optimal? It is time.

Read these tips, think over them and see how you can improve your website development skills.

Let's start with the content of your website. Position the most important and powerful content on a prominent place on your website. It will grab visitors' attention immediately and keep them on your page. Don't save the best for later by posting strong content in the deep reaches of your website, unless you have another strong article to lead your visitors to it .

Ensure that the usability and navigation are appropriate. This especially applies to the navigation links, search boxes, input fields for username and password and everything that would make the user experience with your website convenient and easy. The easier and more comfortable it feels to your visitors, the longer they will stay on your site and would browse it freely in different sections.

Make the logo at the top of the site be a link to the home page. Almost all Internet users with browsing experience will expect that the logo or the main graphic element will link to the homepage.

Add a search box in a prominent and convenient location for visitors on each page of your website. Make this search work only local, for your website only. "Search The Web", "Search in Google" and others of this kind are extremely dangerous as they are a very quick and easy way for users to leave your site. Do not send your visitors away just when they want to search for something particularly on your site.

Very beautiful web sites have serious problems with their accessibility for search engines and bots. For example, a common case is making the site's navigation controlled only by JavaScript which many of search engines even today find difficult (impossible) to handle with. A Flash intro can also be a serious deterrent to the search engine bots that try to walk your website as easy as possible. Flash introductions and Flash menus surely will put search engine bots on severe tests. Do not do this! Provide maximum easy access. Despite official claims that Google can index Flash files, thousands of web sites are not fully indexed because of these numerous "brakes" that web designers put.

If you have created a website recently, make sure that navigation is Search Engnies Friendly, or simply put - easy for search engines. Turn off JavaScript support in your browser and check if everything is working properly online. If you can not handle this test, ask a friend, a colleague, or just consult someone who knows how to do it. Stay away from websites that are entirely made with flash. If you are particularly obsessed with the idea of a flash intro - do not make the full homepage SWF file only (.swf - file extension of Flash) and provide a normal standard HTML link of <a href="…"> </ a>  type to the inside of your web site to allow search engines crawl your site.


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