How professional e-commerce web design for your business website can bring a lot of visitors and turn them into customers

5 december 18 by baseklas

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Most articles on Internet business and e-commerce give some good tips for success. You can definitely learn a lot from them and many of these tips are useful and important. Let us focus on a method that may help or you start trying to make money online.

The most important aspect of your e-commerce success is to have your website designed by professionals.

If you are a vendor who sells from door to door, meeting with customers face to face, then your outlook and  presentations are the most important determinants of your ability as a salesman. When trying to sell online, nobody knows what you look like, what you're wearing or how you sound (unless video presentations are also included on your site). You will be judged primarily on how your e-commerce site looks, its web design, search engine rankings, functionality and some other factors.

Most web users spend about 30 or less seconds on one and the same page. During this time they decide whether the information is useful and whether the offer comes from a trusted source.

You might wonder how they consider this in only 30 seconds? Internet users browse titles and headers to see what an e-commerce web site offers, and the web design and layout create the initial emotions and trust. If your site looks like it's made by your nephew, who had just learned how to upload some files on a server, then the first impression is not good at all.

Do not compromise with web design

Make it professional. If you have to pay for it, go with the notion that you are making a good investment, because eventually it will come back, plus more, when people visit your e-commerce website and feel that you are a professional whom they can trust. They will be happy to buy the products or services you offer.

You do not need to spend too much money on web design. It is possible to buy a ready-made template and add your content or go further and customzie it. But even with templates it is better to seek help from a professional. For example, your banner or your logo can be created by a professional designer or you can find someone to customzie the template for your content to look even better and unique.

You may also wonder, "Now that I have a web site with a perfect design, how can I bring traffic to it?". This, of course, is the next step, but there is one thing you need to remember: having a good looking web site will actually help with traffic as well.

How good web design helps your traffic?

One of the most important factors in increasing the traffic is to achieve high rankings in search engines. Your position will depend on many things, but one of the most important would be the number of incoming links to your site from other sites. These inbound links are identified by Google and other search engines as "votes" for your site. If you have a good-looking, professional e-commerce site, then it is likely to get to manually edited directories (unlike most robotic programs that gather information for search engines). Adding your site to  directories like can really help the site rankings in search engines.

Additionally, if your e-commerce site has useful content and good looks, then it is very likely that people who make lists and directories of important sites for particular content and products, choose your site and mention you as a good source. In fact, the links which you receive, without particularly looking for them, are the most valuable ones, because people have looked at your site and have said to themselves, "This is really a wonderful site." and have shared it. Professional e-commerce web design helps you get more links of this kind.

Certainly there are many other things you need to consider about the development of an Internet e-commerce website, but if you don't miss the first part, which consists of starting with a good web design, then you will be able to reap success further.

So, whatever you sell on the Internet, take the time, effort and expense to make sure that the design of your e-commerce website looks professional!


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