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Affordable Web design and development in Philadelphia and the Philly area

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What is good web design?

Good web design lies in five basic rules that we believe are essential to web sites, web pages and e-commerce sites, operating successfully in the virtual space and providing only positive emotions and successful business.

1. Simplicity - the most important part of the puzzle that makes the good web design. For us as consumers, the more simple things are, the better and easier it is to navigate through a website. The essence lies in simplicity - if you believe it or not. We believe that for many designers, particularly those with experience in graphic and web design, the biggest challange is the production of fine widgets and small decorative ornaments, repeated throughout the whole website, that carry the spirit of the site and yet are subtle and do not destroy the flow of the user experience.

2. Clarity. Sounds crazy and stupid, but it's true. Many web pages and sites do not offer what they are designed for or they do, but in an inappropriate manner and appearance.

3. Empathy. We believe emotional empathy and commitment to users create good design. You need to ask yourself a few questions: What feelings does a web page transmit, when I look at it before I start reading anything? Does a site welcome me or not? Does a web page provide all the information I look for or it hides something on purpose? Does a site create an atmosphere or simply provides information? The key to effective communication between a website and users lies in harmony between providing the surfer with the necessary information and good emotions.

4. Functionality. A good web site or an e-commerce store is a site that simply works without any errors.

5. A good idea - great design is always centered around an amazing idea. If you have a good idea that can be expressed simply and beautifully, you will achieve a great and unique design.

The design of the website attracts the visitors (your customers) to obtain information

Probably very few people are aware of the fact that the web design must keep a user right on your website first five seconds of his stay and grab the visitor's attention immediately. If not, after the first glimpse of the home page, the user will close your site, forgetting about its existence for an indefinite period of time.

Building a site for the future

For many organizations and companies cyberspace is a great leap forward: an opportunity to communicate in new ways with customers, employees, investors and the media. Therefore, your website should be an investment in the future, so for this reason, prior to the development of web design for your site you should provide us with more details about your requirements and desires so that we craft the final product the way you imagined it.

baseklas™ offers you

• Unique web design for static and dynamic web sites;
• Home page design;
• Inside pages design;
• Processing of graphics;
SEO (search engine optimization);
• Hosting and domain;
• Photo galleries
• Polls;
• Forums and blogs;
• Product catalogs;
E-commerce solutions;
• Administration panels for content management;
• User authentication systems;
• Modules for search, news, current events, meteorological forecast, comments, chat, visitor counters, RSS feeds, etc.;
• Design and production of banners and banner rotation system;
• Feedback systems;
• Support and advice;
• All additional web services that your site may need;

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If you already have a website that you don't like, you feel it needs a change or want to update it, we offer a full or partial redesign, while preserving the structure of the existing static or dynamic website.


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The baseklas™ team delivers! I asked them to update my existing website & to the rescue they came, staying in constant contact with me, walking me through every question ... They were very patient with all my ideas... The feature where clients put their phone number in & I get an instant text is superior for my small business! ... Thank you guys! img

Anthony Guerrera, Owner of 02 Skin Care Lounge