Reliable hosting - the key factor for a successful business web presence

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Under the current market conditions, having a reliable hosting partner is the key factor in establishing your business online. You may choose a free hosting provider for a start to save some monthly expenses. This may seem like a good option but are these services actually free?

What is free hosting?

There are many hosting providers that provide space on their servers to upload your website without charging you any fees - this is called free web hosting. These providers do not charge you for providing their services, but in return to the free service they've provided, you may need to place their banner ads on your website and thus they make money your back. Even more, the risk exists, that among the advertisements, rotating on your site, a direct advertisement of your competitor may sneak in, which may result in serious problems and losses for your business.

Take a look at some more of the disadvantages of free web hosting:

  • Little or insufficient disk space that will be felt in time
  • Poor visibility and slow load time of your web pages
  • No security obligations
  • No guarantees for any losses
  • If a technical problem occurs, your website may become inaccessible and stay that way indefinitely
  • No digital certificates (SSL), which are used in online payments, on-line transfers, online banking and more, so forget about e-commerce
  • No dedicated IP address
  • Usually missing the vital 24/7 support
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