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SEO Copywriting is the actually writing of articles or other text, in order to attract the attention of search engines and to get your site ranked as high in their results as possible. This is not an easy task, especially after Google released their personal search. This almost turned the basic rules for writing optimized articles upside down.

Nowadays it's more important for an article to get the attention of the user as well, not just Google. This is so, because the more time users spend on your site, the better you will rank. Therefore, the article should really offer a quality solution to a problem and should be written in a way the reader will understand.

What are the main features of a text, optimized well for search engines?

1. Title

Title is usually the most important part of an article. It should provoke readers' interest and make them read on. In addition, it has even more weight for search engines as it is usually used in the title meta tag. The problem here is this: a good, catchy title may not contain the keyword we're optimizing for. "Five trends driving Africa's economic growth" would be a quick example to illustrate this. If you are a business man, this title will surely intrigue you but this would hardly ever come to your mind to search Google for. So, a good balance should be constantly kept between using keywords in titles AND making your titles appealing and catchy.

2. The opening sentence

Various studies show that the first and the last sentences usually are the most popular parts of a text. This is because most readers "scan" the text to see if there is anything useful. Therefore, it is better if you expose the underlying thesis using the keywords you want to rank in the first sentence. You can simply add additional keywords or additional forms of the main keyword.

3. Outgoing links

Do not skimp on your outbound links! Add links to authoritative resources or other blogs with similar content. This seems more natural to search engines, because it is not logical for a website to have lots of inbound lnks and almost none outbounds.

4. Frequency of keywords

Actually this is something that no longer participates in the calculation of results, despite what many people claim. A while ago, it was possible to achieve a good position only with meta tags and keyword frequency of about 2-3%, but nowadays that's not enough. This is also a bad ideia for another reason - readers will have to read the same word in every other sentence which almost certainly will drive them away as they will feel that they are not the main target of this article.

In short, the main goal of good SEO Copywriting is to create content whicih is appealing for BOTH users AND search engines. Achieving perfect balance needs a lot of practice and experimentation.


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