Website development in Philadelphia and the Philly area

37 december 19 by baseklas

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Philadelphia web design and development We at baseklas™ are experts in building websites. We design and develop different types of sites - dynamic and static - as well as internet-based information systems. We can make the search engine optimization (SEO) for your site too. In the last years the number of new static sites has decreased dramatically. The reason … read more

Web designers, what do search engine bots require from you?

0 december 19 by baseklas

As a web designer it is important to know how to make your website search engine friendly . Also, what criteria you should cover and what aids you should use. First, let's agree that all professional web designers create good, semantic graphs and not those old-fashioned table designs. This is exactly the point ... Why? Because search engines are like people, … read more

Website optimization tips

0 december 19 by baseklas

Internet is growing fast. Thousands of Web sites around the world are launched every hour. Web design companies occupy search engines. But the massive growth of web naturally leads to a production, which is often not of sufficient quality. What is the most important quality you need to possess to make your web site or your web services take … read more

5 minute SEO checklist

77 december 18 by baseklas

Very often when people meet some search engine optimization specialist they are eager to ask questions like "Look at my site! Do you think it's ready for search engines?? Do you think it has good SEO???" People need answers to such questions because, if they are unsure about their site and a specialist confirms and tells … read more

How professional e-commerce web design for your business website can bring a lot of visitors and turn them into customers

5 december 18 by baseklas

Most articles on Internet business and e-commerce give some good tips for success. You can definitely learn a lot from them and many of these tips are useful and important. Let us focus on a method that may help or you start trying to make money online. The most important aspect of your e-commerce success is to have your website designed by professionals. … read more

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Wolfline is an online sports betting service that hired us only for integrating their …


Baby Be Hip hired us to upgrade their e-commerce website functionality and get …

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The baseklas™ team delivers! I asked them to update my existing website & to the rescue they came, staying in constant contact with me, walking me through every question ... They were very patient with all my ideas... The feature where clients put their phone number in & I get an instant text is superior for my small business! ... Thank you guys! img

Anthony Guerrera, Owner of 02 Skin Care Lounge